The Bryntesen family recently hosted their child’s party at Rockin’ Jump Eagan, and shared a wonderful bit of feedback with us this week. It was something we felt should be shared with you all. Thank you very much to Jody Bryntesen for allowing us to share her comments:

I want you to know that we were extremely satisfied with our party host and the entire birthday party experience. Everything was very organized and timely, we had no issues and everything was easy. But, even more importantly, the staff members were so much fun! I noticed at least three staff members (other than our host) being extra fun and friendly to all of the kids at Rockin Jump while we were there. Staff members were joking around with kids, cheering/pumping kids up for the balance beam dual, encouraging rockwall climbers and playing fun little games (like pushups to get back into the dodgeball game), etc. I’ve been to a similar facility in WI and the staff members were not at all like this…they were just there going through the motions, doing their job. What a difference these people can make in the kids’ experience!

I highly commend your staff for their excitement and thank them for the fun loving atmosphere they create!

Jodi Bryntesen